How do you envision operationalizing them as survey questions and response options?

At this point, you’ve developed a research question, thought about the survey, and received some feedback on it. Now, I’d like for you to share some initial ideas on developing your survey. Specifically, I’d like for you to share a few things about your project at this point:
What is your research question?
What are the important constructs that you need to measure?
How do you envision operationalizing them as survey questions and response options? Have these constructs been measured in surveys before? If so, how were the questions worded?
If there are several options, how will you choose between alternative wordings and response options? In one page provide your answers to these questions.
In exchanges with your classmates, provide your ideas on the wording of questions as well as the connection between the research question and the survey questions (e.g., how can you make that connection strong?).

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