How do you motivate your team, and how do you measure success as a leader?

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A good leader encourages staff to give their most in all circumstances, which correlates to the organisation’s growth. In order to be a good leader, you need to be creative, persevere, have a clear direction, and have a strong desire to succeed. Therefore, leadership styles, such as transformative or adaptable management, drive organisational success (Laine, J., 2021).
The importance of honesty in the workplace is not always measurable. Among the most important responsibilities of a leader is responsibility transfer, but it can be difficult to do really well. Trust is a critical leadership role for both individuals and organisations.
Organisational effectiveness and management are intimately connected. The most effective leaders can connect in a variety of ways by leading with demands for consciousness and modesty. Information quality and effectiveness have such a great effect on the success of your business strategy. Effective leadership means being able to connect and interact with people from different jobs, places, cultures, and other backgrounds (Achua, C. and Lussier, R.N., 2010).
However, despite the fact that being thankful may lead to greater self-esteem, lower unhappiness and anxiety, and even the potential to be a more successful leader, just a small percentage of employees express “thank you” at work. It is very important for the best leaders to learn how to say real thanks in the workplace.
The ability to persuade others through analytical, emotional, or collaborative reasoning is an important characteristic of inspiring, capable leaders. Influencing is not the same as manipulating and must be conducted authentically and transparently. Leaders know that they’ll have a motivated and happy staff until they exhibit a positive attitude personally. If members of the team are engaged and appreciated, they are much more likely to work well (Barrett, D.J., 2006).
Empathy, understanding, and inclusiveness are essential in improving working conditions for people surrounding. Compassion is related to job performance and is a necessary element of a leader’s effectiveness. As a leader, they would see you as more effective if you encouraged more employee participation and showed compassion for your co-workers.
Question: How do you motivate your team, and how do you measure success as a leader?
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Please ensure that you provide the URL and accessed date for all sources which you have viewed online.
– YOU CAN USE this book for reference as our reading book for the Module ( Clegg • Kornberger • Pitsis • Mount MANAGING &ORGANIZATIONS An Introduction to Theory and Practice
FIFTH EDITION) you can pick up one reference.
Here some links you may find helpful
When conducting your research into topics around leadership and management, it is good to take a look at best practice sites such as that for the Chartered Management Institute (CMI). You will find lots of interesting and potentially helpful information there, for example.
Bailey, K. Shantz A. (2018) CMI – How to be a better leader according to science.
Available online at [accessed 10th February 2022]
CMI (2011) Leading from the Middle Checklist 041.
Available online at: [accessed 10th February 2022]
Benson, T (2017) CMI – How to build an effective team: Focus on just 3 things.
Available online at: [accessed 10th February 2022]
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