How do you want to show up at this time and in this community?

I am replacing the traditional “exhibit” assignment with something more responsive to our present moment, a year into the pandemic and in the wake of extraordinary national events. You have spent 15(+) months in varying degrees of quarantine, learning remotely, caring for yourselves and others under unprecedented and frankly traumatic conditions. Instead of bulldozing our way through as though this were a normal quarter, please create an offering that reflects this time, your experience of it, and your thoughts about the future. This could take one of the following forms, or something I’ve not anticipated (in this case, please consult with me):
– A piece of art in any medium (not just visual)
– A piece of writing that is distinct from your Capstone Essay. This could be poetry; prose; a scene, monologue, or dialogue; a meditation; a short story; a collection of journal entries; a letter….
– A time capsule with an annotated catalog
– An example of making, teaching, or other form of knowledge production from your non-academic life. This could be a cooking/baking/gardening demo, a mini yoga or meditation or martial arts lesson, a community organizing workshop element….
We will come together at the end of the quarter to share these offerings with each other.
Please note:
– Whichever vehicle you choose, your offering must demonstrate substantial effort. It is obvious when a project has been dashed off vs. when it has been undertaken with care.
– At the same time, this assignment is not meant to be overly burdensome. For me, the most important part of the conventional 499 exhibit is students coming together to mark this moment of transition and celebrate themselves, their loved ones, and each other. How do you want to show up at this time and in this community? With what kind of “punctuation” do you want to close your experience of higher ed?

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