How does Gender influence our personal performances, including use of language?

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ATTENTION: Do not submit a post without first reading the Discussion Forum Instructions and Guidelines located in the Discussion Forum Module. By familiarizing oneself with the specifics of the instructions, a student would benefit.
Understand the effects of isolated children studies; briefly explain why it is important to nurture personality traits, as well as our biological state of well-being. How are these correlated? Consider feral children and the role of parents.
Describe Mead’s three stages of development and provide examples; what is the expected end result of these three stages?
How does Gender influence our personal performances, including use of language?
Using Goffman’s Presentation of Self, specifically Impression Management, describe how both genders utilize this concept when in the early dating stage; provide examples
Select from list below or any video posted on Canvas or a social topic observed by the student.

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