How does inequality affect different groups of people differently?

Inequalities are socially constructed in a society, yet they are often treated as natural and inevitable. Building on what we’ve been discussing the last five weeks, I’d like you to provide a structural analysis of inequality in the United States. In a minimum of 2 single-spaced pages, please respond to the following questions:
First, Camden, NJ is just 10 miles east of Moorestown, but as demonstrated in the film, Waiting on the World to Change, the two cities are worlds apart in terms of residents’ experiences. Using the Social Explorer data provided in Canvas and qualitative evidence from the film and Hedges and Sacco’s chapter, describe what you find to be the most striking social and economic differences between Camden and Moorestown. In your descriiption, pay close attention to differences in race, income, occupation, and educational attainment.
Second, provide a structural analysis of the potential causes of these differences. Drawing on Rank and his colleagues’ work, explain the concept of cumulative inequality and use this concept to analyze how neighborhood factors, educational and employment opportunities, and political structures produce the kinds of inequality you see between Camden and Moorestown. In your analysis, be sure to explain the connections between each of these factors and how those connections produce cumulative inequalities.
Third, describe and demonstrate the long-term consequences of the forms of structural inequality you analyzed above. How does inequality affect different groups of people differently?
In your analysis, be sure to engage with, provide specific examples from, and cite** all of the assigned materials from this week (this includes lectures, readings, videos, podcasts, etc.) to illustrate your points. Remember, these writing assignments are an opportunity for you to:
Demonstrate you understand the sociological concepts and perspectives examined this week;
Demonstrate an ability to synthesize information from multiple sources to make your claims; and,
Demonstrate an ability to use empirical evidence (specific examples) to support your claims.

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