How does it match your teaching style?

Special Instructions (delete this information when typing your assignment):
Keep the questions in your response
The header needs to be per the requirements in the announcement posted earlier in the course. – no exceptions – 15 points
Times New Roman Font size 12 – no exceptions -15 points
Answer the following questions below in your writing
1. Identify some of the different needs you will face as a classroom teacher and determine your goals for meeting those needs. These may include goals related to instruction (e.g., develop an activity that allows my students to interact and share ideas with students from different cultural or ethnic backgrounds), goals related to your curriculum, (e.g., identify resources to supplement my instruction that students and parents access at home), or goals related to recordkeeping or resource management (e.g., create a tracking system to evaluate the effectiveness of my lessons).
2. Consider the type of software that can help you meet these goals. If the software is instructional, what type is it? How does it match your teaching style? Have you used similar software before? What additional skills are required to operate the software? (Be very specific here. I am looking for answers that are connected to “software”
3. What hardware is necessary for running the software? Is it readily available or does it require specialized hardware? If new hardware must be purchased, what justifications can you provide for the expense? Do you know how to operate all the hardware involved in satisfying the needs? If not, what additional skills and knowledge do you require?

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