How does listening for the topical themes compare with listening to the movement’s organization in sonata form?

Please select ONE of the following prompts to respond to in 300–500 words. These responses will be graded as excellent (5)/good (4)/proficient (3)/incomplete (0). They will be considered incomplete if they are not completed in time or show no engagement with the material for the week.
Note that for each of these topics, you are not being asking to summarize the material in question, but to analyze it. This means you describe an aspect of the song or reading only in service of saying something about it or how it works, not just that it happens. Imagine if, for each observation you might make, I asked you, “So what?” Answering that question can help you move beyond summarization and toward analysis.
1.Listen again to the first movement of Mozart’s piano sonata. Write about how many distinct musical “characters” you can hear in the opening minute or two. See if you can describe them precisely.
2.Listen again to Mozart Piano sonata no. 12, mmt. 1. How does listening for the topical themes compare with listening to the movement’s organization in sonata form? What kind of attention does each form of listening require of you? What prior knowledge?
3.What does Berlioz mean by calling his main theme an idée fixe? What purpose does it serve narratively? What about musically?
4.How does having the program for Berlioz’s Symphonie fantastique shape your experience of listening to the music? Should a composer create, and maybe even insist on, a story to their music? Or would it be better to leave instrumental, emotional music to be interpreted by the listener? Why?
Similar to the work you recently did that I have uploaded , please attempt the question you are most confident in answering which should include technical analysis and explanation(important) of the analysis using the music terms from the midterm study guide list should they apply.
Here are the links for Mozart

Here are the links for Berlioz
For idée fixe(or obsessive thought)

Full Berlioz Symphony’s
Mmt. 2 “Un bal” (A ball)

Mmt. 5 “Songe d’une nuit du sabbat” (Dream of a witches’ sabbath)

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