How does the work help us better value goodness?

Your essay should be written in correct MLA format, and it
should be between 1000-1500 words long.
Choose a work from the course that is not “Dream
of the Rood.” (The Iliad, Oedipus the King, The Inferno, Le Morte D’Arthur,
Don Quixote)
Review the example essay that I posted in the assignment
In your essay answer each of the following questions in
sections of your paper:
How does the work help us
better value goodness? How does the work help us better value goodness?
How does the work help us
better understand Truth?
How does the work help us
better recognize and appreciate beauty?
Write a thesis for your essay that notes the work, the
author, and mentions how it will engage these three qualities.
Write the introduction to set up the basic way that the work
will engage each of these.
Provide a section for each ideal that explores how the author
teaches us about the quality. In some cases, he may be showing the
opposite of the quality. For instance, in Candide, the ugliness of the
events and horrors on the characters is presented sarcastically to show
that there is no beauty nbsvcxin a corrupt society. In your sections, use
quotes, analysis in explanations and application of these quotes and
scenes from your chosen work.
Provide a focused conclusion, not just a repeat of the
information in the introduction. Bring some enlightened perspective to the
work in regard to the three ideals.
Set up your paper in MLA format and use it consistently in
the essay.
Write in third person academic style only.
Avoid mechanical references to the essay: This essay will; I
have presented; The essay shows; and etc.
Edit carefully for mechanical and style errors.
Cite the works in text and in a works cited list.
Do not use any commentaries or works, other than the chosen
text and the bible. This includes commentaries given in the course. This
is to be your own critical thinking.

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