How does this myth of masculinity relate to modern American values and attitudes about masculinity?

A myth is a story which is designed to provide us with an understanding of why things are the way they are.
Watch one of the John Wayne movies mentioned in the first few chapters of Jesus and John Wayne. Describe the myth of American masculinity portrayed by Wayne in these movies. What are its characteristics when it comes to militancy, race, gender, etc. Answer, “How does this myth of masculinity relate to modern American values and attitudes about masculinity?
Please comply with the following Best Practices for this written assignment:
Write your discussion contribution in MS Word or a comparable word processor and turn on spelling and grammar checking. Your spelling errors will be indicated with a red underline and your grammar errors will be underlined in blue. If you prefer you may use a program like Grammarly to do the same thing. Always save a copy of your work to your own computer.
Once your work has been written in your word processor:
Make sure you’ve written at least the 250-word minimum, required for the assignment.
Correct all spelling and grammatical errors.
Make sure you have broken your essay into logical paragraphs.
In your essay, please underline the primary conclusion of your analysis. For example, John Wayne is the model for the American woman.
Include a quotation from the movie or the textbook, which supports your argument. Be sure to include a citation for the source and put quotation marks around the quote. For example, “Listen tight!” (Red River, 1:15:00). A formal bibliography is not necessary for these assignments.
Save a copy of your work to your computer for back-up.
Copy and paste your written work into the Discussion assignment in Canvas. Please do not upload your MS Word document file. Instead copy and paste from your word document into the discussion on Canvas. This saves me a couple steps in grading. Thank you.

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