How does Working from Home Affect Developer Productivity?

Please follow the instruction carefully in the word document. Also integrate the literature review that I attached to the research proposal.
Things to do:
– Cover Page (no need to do this)
– Table of contents
– Proposed research topic/title: How does Working from Home Affect Developer Productivity?
– Introduction: A brief introduction of your proposed research project: this should be written in paragraph format, include a bit of background of why you want to do this.
– Preliminary Literature Review: what others say on your topic, identify gaps in literature that help justify your research (I also had a literature review attached please integrated it into the proposal)
– Problem Statement/ Opportunity: The work-from-home (WFH) revolution has been slowly brewing for more than 30 years. Due to the outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), a substantial number of companies have requested their employees to work from home. How does work from home affect productivity?. In this study we investigated how working from home has both positive and negative impacts on developer productivity. (I have a short summary of the problem statement please revise it)
– Research Objectives & Main Research Question(s) (What is the purpose/aims of this research? – what are you trying to achieve with this research? What are you trying to find out? – link this back to your literature review or observations – this should directly link to your problem statement/opportunity). Why is this important (how will this research contribute to current knowledge)?
– Research methodology: We use qualitative analysis based on different metrics of developers’ daily activities e.g., the number of builds/commits/code reviews and different projects characteristics e.g, programming language, project type/age/size. (I also have a short summary of research methodology please revise it as well)
– Proposed Data Collection Methods (describe these in detail and justify why these methods are being chosen – how they link to your methodology(ies))
– Proposed analysis approach (how will you analyze this data?)
– Sample group design
Please outline the proposed sample group (who will you collect data from) – be specific – include demographics.
o What technique you will use to find these people (e.g. convenience, snowballing, etc.)
o Indicate clearly what the involvement of the sample group will be in the research process:
o Specify how the consent of participants will be obtained. Please include within this a descriiption of any information with which you intend to provide the subjects (such as a consent form)
o Describe the procedures you intend to follow in order to maintain the anonymity and confidentiality of the subjects.
– Expected outcomes (your hypothesis – what do you think you will find out once?)
– Ethical Implications (are there any ethical considerations that the university outlines that must be acknowledged?)
– Research Planning and timeline (this can be a chart – how will you make this all happen within a limited time of your degree)
– References (only include references that connect to in-text citations) – not included in page count
– Appendix (copy of proposed survey, interview, focus group questions, copy of proposed observation sheet, copy of consent form, etc.) – not included in page count
With my literature review, the proposal should be 5 or more pages.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate and let me know 🙂

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