How does your result compare to the Label claim?

I need to answer the three discussion questions, and my calculations which are within the lab report under the Discussion section: I am attaching my lab report and the lab manual so you can follow along. The reference I leave to the writer to choose because it depends on how the writer is going to answer the questions.
Discussion Questions:
Q1. What does the %RSD, listed in the spectral data, as well as your correlation
coefficient of your standard curve, tell you about the quality of the data and integrity of the
Q2. How does your result compare to the Label claim? Explain whether it passes the
acceptance criteria.
Q3. A colleague at the company you work for needs to run a similar analysis of Iron,
however the lamp they were using with their SpectrAA 55B instrument for atomic absorption is
broken. What other method of analysis could you recommend using this same instrument?

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