how epidemiological methods can be applied to environmental health issues?

Module 1: Module 1:
Attached Files:
File PHLT 3310_Simulation Game Rubric.docx (17.697 KB)
icon Module 1 Project – Environmental Health Simulation Game- Results and Reflection
You will access and play the CDC’s “Solve the Outbreak” simulation game found at:
Play at least 5 of the 12 available games on the site.
NOTE: The simulation game was changed due to there being a security breach with Adobe Flash. If the orginally assigned simulation game becomes available, I will notify everyone ASAP!
You will then summarize the results and your reflection on the simulation. In your summary please include the following items:
games played
findings of each game and your total score (Don’t worry about sharing your score! Grade will not be calculated using this metric!)
identification of the epidemiologic triangle to one of the scenarios/simulations
reflection in regard to:
how epidemiological methods can be applied to environmental health issues
how bias can make it difficult to correctly determine the cause of an outbreak
recognition of any weaknesses or limitations of environmental epidemiology or the potential for such deficits in any of the simulations you played
lessons learned in regard to epidemiological methods from playing this game
questions you may may have for public health professionals who conduct these kinds of investigations
You will develop a two-page paper (12 point font and double-spaced) sharing the preceding elements.
Submission Instructions:
Course content (e.g., assignments, discussions, quizzes, projects, exams) submitted late without prior communication with and approval by the instructor, outside of emergency absences, or in violation of established agreements for late submission, will receive deductions of 10% per day until 3 days beyond the due date at 11:59 pm CST. Any submissions received after this point will not be accepted and receive a score of 0%.
Grading Rubric:
Please refer to the attached file link to view the rubric that will be used to conduct grading.
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Discipline: PUBLIC HEALTH 3310

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