How have your experiences impacted your attitude toward mathematics and the approach that you may take when teaching mathematics in your own classroom?

There are 2 Assignments listed below please read:
Assignment #1) The following excerpt is taken from the NCTM website at
“As the leading professional organization for teachers of mathematics in grades pre-K–12, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) has the responsibility to provide broad national leadership in matters related to mathematics education. In meeting this responsibility, NCTM has developed a set of standards for school mathematics that address content, teaching, and assessment. These standards are guidelines for teachers, schools, districts, states, and provinces to use in planning, implementing, and evaluating high-quality mathematics programs for prekindergarten through grade 12. The NCTM Standards are based on a set of core beliefs about students, teaching, learning, and mathematics.”
Please go to the website address given above and read the entire page on their beliefs. There is a page on the NCTM website that addresses the idea of having Elementary Math Specialists in school systems.
Read the commentary at and you may also want to consider the additional resources that they have linked from that page under the “Notes” heading.
I have placed a link to a pdf for one of the referenced journal articles beneath this assignment as well.
You should also read the Standards for Elementary Mathematics Specialists which is available as a pdf file linked beneath this assignment.
Discuss the points brought out in the journal article with your classmates. Specifically, as future elementary teachers, you should understand the vital role that you will play in teaching mathematics to your students. Think about what you have encountered in this class thus far. How have your experiences impacted your attitude toward mathematics and the approach that you may take when teaching mathematics in your own classroom?
Assignment #2) Must be 200 words In The Inferno, Dante depicts an allegorical journey through Hell. For this week’s discussion, begin by choosing one circle of Hell (listed further below) that describes a specific type of sinner. (Remember, you weren’t necessarily assigned the specific reading in Dante for some of these circles, but you should still have a general awareness of them from reading/viewing this week’s online learning resources).
In your response, briefly describe the specific punishment in your chosen circle, then address the following:
What role might the geography of hell serve for that particular sin?
Assess the punishment (in other words, do you feel it just or unjust)

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