How is identity shaped by violence and nonviolence?

read and answer the questions please
numbers are listed on the reading
#1-11 = violence and nonviolence ( chapter 6 )
#12-21 = avoiding retaliation ( chapter 7)
# 22- 28 = street work ( chapter 8)
here are the questions
Explain the violent retaliations
Why do some “walk away” or avoid fights?
What are some good ways to avoid a fight?
How is identity shaped by violence and nonviolence?
Describe repertoires of Identities
How do people manage emotions and disputes?
Explain how in the five cases they avoid retaliation
Why is retaliation reconsidered?
Why was it hard for Joe to integrate dual performances of bureaucrat and gang member? Provide at least two examples that are described in Chapter 8. #22-28

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