How is it an ethical dilemma?

This discussion forum is for you to introduce the ethical dilemma you will be writing about for your midterm and final papers; learn what your peers will be writing about; ask questions and receive feedback.
In this discussion forum, you will need to:
Define an ethical dilemma (use our course materials to help you!).
Describe your chosen ethical dilemma. It must be healthcare related, whether you were a clinician directly involved in the situation or not (e.g., the patient in the situation was a family member). Give a clear and organized descriiption of the situation.
How is it an ethical dilemma? Use terms and concepts from our readings and materials on ethical principles, moral courage, and moral distress (as appropriate).
At least one of your responses to peers needs to include substantive feedback and clarifying questions– go beyond “Good job!” to What happened leading up to that situation? or How did that feel for you as the clinician? (Or whatever is appropriate to their post…) Help each other develop your ethical “cases” for your midterm papers! Note: No additional reference materials are required for your responses to peers, but you may use them if you wish.

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