How is Olga’s relationship with her mother similar to that of her and her daughter’s? Explain.

please summarize both stories separately
story 1 sonny’s blue
Please summarize the story by following this formula, Create 3-4 sentences addressing the following: (the story’s situation, conflict, struggle, outcome, and meaning)).
A. The full name of the author, and title of the story in quotes (” “), and story’s situtation (In other words, what is main character experiencing that is new or different for him or her?) In this story, the main character is Sonny’s brother. We will explain why in class.
B. What is the conflict and struggle? (What is the main thing that the protagonist/main character wants, what is the main issue he/she is up against, and what are some ways that he/she reacts to or handles this?
C. What is the outcome and meaning? (What happens at the end, and how is it meaningful?)
Story 2
Questions for “Snapshots”
Q1: In keeping with writing summaries for the stories, using the (situation, conflict, struggle, outcome and meaning) model that we’ve used for other stories, please summarize “Snapshots.”
Q2: How is Olga’s relationship with her mother similar to that of her and her daughter’s? Explain.
Q3: Consider some themes in the story (such as: a life unlived, generational trauma, appreciation, memory, appreciation, the soul). Please take one of these themes (or one or your own) and create a thesis statement (a general and philosophical statement based on events in the story). Make a note of quotes and pages of at least two passages in the story that relate to the argument in your thesis

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