How is this useful to your research or your career?

There are three requirements for each entry: The class is about CyberWar … its trend and capabilities. We can choose our own topics but it is related to just that. I also must have 5 sources. If you get stuck let me know… Russia China and North Korea are the top three competitors for the USA.
#1 – What is this about?
#2 – What information is in this resource?
#3 – How is this useful to your research or your career?
Don’t forget #3! For example, you might conclude,
This article is helpful in understanding how Russia is building its cyber power through ownership of undersea internet infrastructure around the world.
This article is helpful in understanding the comparative differences in Chinese and American approaches to cyber deterrence.
This website provides a framework that I can use to design a specialized workforce for a Security Operations Center in the banking industry.
This article was very informative, but it’s title was misleading and it turned out to be irrelevant to my CYBR 622 studies.

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