How many boxes shoudl a model tick?

Since digital transformation has been ongoing in businesses outside healthcare for a few years now, there are many examples from which healthcare organizations can learn.
Requirement 1:
Refer to the reading On Leading DT#2: The Transformative Business Model. Then select any company with a score of 4 or 5 from the Table (How many boxes shoudl a model tick?). Based on your research on that company, discuss the key features that the company displays in their business model. Then discuss how those features may be applied to any area in healthcare. Your original post should be 300 (min) – 400 (max) words long. References (not included in word count) should be included. The post should be specific (not generalities).
In this module, based on Siebel (Ch 8-10), will step away from the healthcare sector and take a broader perspective of how digital transformation is changing governments and organizations around the word. It will also pull together the various technologies and services to provide an introduction to the “new technology stack” upon which all digital transformation is being built.
DT#1 reading suggests that established organizations should adopt an incremental experimental approach to digital transformation instead of significant responses impacting existing business models. This is aligned with the way governments are responding (Siebel, Ch 8). Beyond technology and the talent to build and implement it, organizations need to overcome organizational and cultural barriers (DT#6). While Siebel Ch10 introduces the new technology stack, DT#9 reinforces another “stack” than needs to be realigned in a successful digital transformation. This is the need to rebuild the legacy supplier, distributor and partner networks based on a deeper understanding of and connection with customers. DT#2 extends this to address other successful features that correlate with a successful transformation.

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