How many possible young adult workers can be hired?

You work as part of a planning and project team at an engineering and construction firm in the UAE. You are a growing business and you have been awarded a contract from a major European automobile company to build a new manufacturing plant. The chief engineer of your firm has narrowed her choices down to two countries, Morocco or Jordan. After considering various factors, she thinks she knows where the plant should be built, but also wants your input before she announces her final decision. Further research needs to be conducted to enable her to make the right choice.
She has therefore requested you to investigate the two countries according to the criteria below and wants you to write a very brief analytical report with a recommendation at the end. In the report, you are to consider three of these factors in the decision:
• Available workforce (how many possible young adult workers can be hired?)
• Education level (literacy, high school graduation rates, university enrollment, and so on).
• Available energy sources
• Environmental record
• General infrastructure and access (roads, ports, railroads, airports)
You should write 500 to 600 words with 3 to 5 in-text citations and references in IEEE style showing where you got your information. Include at least two figures or tables comparing critical differences between the countries.

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