How might this impact your vision of an ideal community?

Begin by looking over the brief discussion of ecosystem services provided in the ESA fact sheet. Then spend time investigating the Eco-health browser tool put out by the Environmental Protection Agency here:
Explore various ecosystems by using the interactive features of this tool to connect ecosystems to the services they provide and measures of human well-being. Notice that hitting the “+” connectors explains the science that substantiates connections depicted in the browser.
Think about the challenges communities face in balancing protecting human health and protecting ecosystems that provide necessary services to human populations. How might this impact your vision of an ideal community?
Make note of one way that vulnerable populations may be negatively impacted by disruption of a service provided by a particular ecosystem or ecosystem service. Choose an example that is relevant to your ideal community vision or that you find personally relevant or surprising.
We will begin class with group work exploring your chosen examples, so please come to class prepared to share your findings, explaining the health outcome and how it arises from disruption of a particular ecosystem service, as well as how the service is provided by a particular ecosystem.

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