how might you approach productivity/success and satisfaction/happiness on tasks/endeavors in the future?

Answer the question: Describe a time when you experienced some relationship between productivity/success on the one hand and satisfaction/happiness on the other. Did one precede the other? Based on that experience, how might you approach productivity/success and satisfaction/happiness on tasks/endeavors in the future?
Use content from Class 4 (Attitudes and Job Satisfaction), as well as any other course content from previous classes that you feel is most relevant. Passion counts! It’s easy to tell when you care about your answer. That’s the nature of “intrinsic motivation.”
START RIGHT OFF THE BAT by taking a position answering the question (there is NO “RIGHT” ANSWER), then follow up by supporting your description. NO NEED TO RETYPE THE PROMPT/QUESTION. Apply concepts and terms learned from previous classes, PowerPoints, and discussion. Those concepts and terms should be in BOLD to make them ”pop.” Also, if the term comes from a particular theory or category of knowledge that we discussed, include the theory in bold as context.
The format should be a series of: a) argument, perspective, or concept b) definition c) application to case question d) then move on to next argument or concept.
When applying course concepts, consider a very brief description of the concept (possibly in parentheses) to show that you understand it. And definitely put the concept or term in BOLD (just the term please, not the whole sentence). Also again, if the term belongs to a particular theory or group of knowledge, please identify that as context.
Focus. Better to develop a few well-argued, persuasive, and insightful points than briefly mention but never analyze multiple, scattered claims. Please avoid the “machine gun approach” of just one-term-after-another without thoughtful placement. Also remember to stay on track answering the case question.

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