How much common ground do you have with the author?

write a summary-analysis-response paper to the article “New Rules of the Road.” Write a 500-750 word essay in which you first summarize the essay, then analyze the essay, and last, respond to the essay.
Use the following prompts to guide your writing.
Summary: What is this article about? What did the author say about it?
Analysis: Describe the organization of the essay. Include a descriiption of the claim. Describe and evaluate the support. Consider types, quantity, and relevance of the support. Then answer these questions: How does the author establish his/her authority? What audience does the author assume? How does the author make his/her writing, including the support, effective for the audience? What overall qualities in this essay make it an effective (or ineffective) argument?
Response: What are your personal reactions to the essay? How much common ground do you have with the author? What in the essay is new to you? What else does it make you think about or consider? What do you like or dislike about it?
If you quote the article, follow MLA standards for citation and documentation. Use formal, standard-edited American English meaning no slang or contractions. You may use first person (I, me, we, etc.) for the response section of your essay; however, do NOT use second person (you).

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