how the basic disjuncture between modernity and what came before took place during the long nineteenth century?

Barry Buzan and George Lawson, The Global Transformation: History, Modernity, and the Making of International Relations, Cambridge University press, 2015 ISBN 978-1-107-630080
I want you to SUMMARIZE the following chapters from Page 171 to the last Page of the book
1- Chapter 6 Establishing a Core–Periphery International
2- Chapter 7 Eroding the Core–Periphery International
3- Chapter 8 The Transformation of Great Powers, Great Power
4-Part III: Implications 271
5- Chapter 9 From ‘Centred Globalism’ to ‘Decentred Globalism’ 273
6- Chapter 10 Rethinking International Relations 305
This summary for a presentation for discussion in a class . It is kind of summarizing & critical thinking and reflection .
I want you to write what I have to say in the presentation . So that it will be seamless and coherent with all other chapters.
( For example : hi my name is … am presenting the the second half of the book. Chapter 6 is part of the second section of the book ( The Making of Modern International Relations ) which is the author examines the emergence and institutionaliza- tion of the global transformation from the nineteenth century to the present day. The six chapters each take a particular line of development that defines a major theme of contemporary IR, and show: (a) how the basic disjuncture between modernity and what came before took place during the long nineteenth century; (b) what it was that changed, and how; and (c) how these changes impacted on international relations in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. These six chapters provide the substance behind the book’s two central claims: first, that the nineteenth century can be understood as the opening of a world historical trans- formation; and second, that this transformation established many of the main features of contemporary international order. So Chapter 6th which tilted Establishing a Core–Periphery International It is a continuation of the previous chapters and the author start with
Order 171 …. 1- 2- 3-
After that Introduction 171 ….. 1- 2- 3-
then Political and Legal Inequality 172 … 1- 2- 3-
Military Inequality 180 …. 1- 2- 3-
Economic Inequality 185 …. 1- 2- 3-
Demographic Inequality 190 ….. 1- 2- 3-
Conclusion 195 … 1- 2- 3-
7- Eroding the Core–Periphery International
Order 197
Introduction 197
Political and Legal Catch-Up 198
Military Catch-Up 213 Economic Catch-Up 220
Demographic Catch-Up 227
Conclusion 235
8- The Transformation of Great Powers, Great Power
Relations and War 240
The Impact of the Global Transformation 240
The New Pace of Technological Innovation and Change 245
Permanent Qualitative Arms Racing 255
Great Power Relations 263
Undermining the Functionality of War 265
Conclusion 269
Part III: Implications 271
9 – From ‘Centred Globalism’ to ‘Decentred Globalism’ 273
Introduction 273
The Material Conditions of Decentred Globalism 275
The Ideational Conditions of Decentred Globalism 280
The Challenges Facing Decentred Globalism 293
The Four Principles of Decentred Globalism 297
Conclusion 304
10 – Rethinking International Relations 305
Introduction 305
Implications for Thinking About Power 306
Implications for Thinking About Security 309
Implications for Thinking About Globalization 311
Implications for Thinking About Ideational Structure 315
Implications for Thinking About Periodization 317
Implications for Thinking About IR and History 319
Implications for Thinking About IR as a Discipline 326)
Critique …)
It is not only summarizing, but we ask questions to the audience after each chapter , for example, what is your opinion on this point … / there is any … / I agree with the author because I think … / I do not agree with the author about … because … / my opinion is … / trying to apply the written things with making connection with the real world
You have to cover every thing in these chapters clearly with explanation to show that we understand these chapters clearly and we must deliver the main idea of this chapter to the listeners and we cover all points.
Please Use Easy Language so it can easy for me to understand and read

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