How was the estimate determined as well as why it is effort or duration driven;

Please open the Microsoft project file and create at least 12 activity notes that contain the following information: 1) Basis of estimate (past experience, SME, vendor quote, etc.), and 2) if past experience, how was the estimate determined as well as why it is effort or duration driven; if notes do not contain sufficient detail, then points will be deducted. For instance, do not simply say SME or vendor quote, tell me what type of SME you would have contacted. Include assumptions that are the basis of the estimate – how would you justify this if asked.
Note: Effort and duration ARE VERY DIFFERENT – duration is the number of work days over which the activity occurs (does not include non-work days); work is the amount of effort – in this case person hours – that will be consumed in meeting the deliverable; if you do not make this distinction appropriately, then you will lose credit

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