How well do your “Always Valued” values align with your career option?

Submit via Canvas | 3-page essay | 1-page References | Page Total – 4 pages minimum | Use 3
Career Resources | PDF format | Double Space
Please write an essay based on the following prompts:
Step 1: Select ONE potential occupation, which interests you as a potential career option and
write about it.
● Include:
o a general description of the occupation
o education requirements
o job outlook
o work environment
o pay
o professional organizations
o related occupations
o any other relevant information.
● Use at least 3 career websites in this section and cite your sources in any format.
Step 2: How Much Money Do You Need?
● Go to Click on “Budget How Much Money You
Will Need”
o Special note: The numbers may not be 100% accurate, feel free to edit them
within the website.
● Discuss your results from the California Career Zone website. Were you surprised? Does
the career that you are researching match the salary that you need?
Step 3: Values – Review your “Always Valued” & “Never Valued” Values
(Where to find it: In Canvas, look at your “In-Class Activity – Values” look for “Always Valued”
on the top left and “Never Valued” bottom middle section)
● List your “Always Valued” & “Never Valued” values.
● How well do your “Always Valued” values align with your career option?
● Review your “Never Valued” values. Which of these values may your career require?
How do you feel about that?
Step 4: Personality – Review your Personality (MBTI) Best-Fit Type
(Where to find it: In Canvas, look at your answer for question #1 in Career Journal #3)
● What is your Personality (MBTI) Best-Fit Type? (e.g. ESTJ)
● What areas of your personality could work well in this career option?
● What areas of your personality might be incongruent with this option?
Step 5: Interests – Review your Interest Assessment (SII) Best-Fit Type
(Where to find it: In Canvas, look at your answer for question #1 in Career Journal #4)
● What is your Interest (SII) Best-Fit Type? (e.g. SIR)
● How do your interests align with your career option?
● How will you satisfy your interests that are not included in your career option?
o Either in your career or personal life?
Step 6: Skills – Review your Skills Assessment “Motivated Skills” and “Burnout Skills”
(Where to find it: In Canvas, look at your “In-Class Activity – Skills” in the red section and the
yellow section)
● Which of your skills in the “Motivated Skills” (red section) will be utilized in this career
● Which of these skills in the “Motivated Skills” (red section) may not be used?
● Which skills in your “Burnout Skills” (yellow section) are included in this career?
● What additional skills will you need to acquire for this career?
Summary: Summarize your paper and experience in Counseling 12.
● Reflect on your time in Counseling 12.
● Summarize what you have identified from this class as to what will make your
career/major meaningful and significant – what does that mean to you?
● What are your next steps or goals to begin working towards your career?
● Any format. Include the name of the website and the link.
● Create a separate references page.
● Use at least 3 Career References to research the occupation thoroughly from three unique
● CA Career Zone “” does NOT count as one of those
● Look at your Counseling 12 packet (starting on page 80) for a list of career resources
● Step 1 is a great place to integrate your resources.
● References do not have to be 1 full page
I’m also going to send you a sample of how I want my assignment to be.
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