How/Why would your suggested action have minimized losses?

For this post, you are responding to the following:
Discuss ways the companies discussed in the Global Perspective could have minimized their losses in the Banana Wars. Explain your rationale (How/Why would your suggested action have minimized losses?) and identify any weaknesses in your suggested action.
Responses must use a professional writing style and proofread carefully. Respect toward the opinions of others is required.
Responses must apply specific, relevant terms and concepts used in the text. For example, “self-referencing criterion” is a specific term, whereas “culture” is a general term.
Responses must address the discussion topic directly. Do not ramble and go off on a tangent.
The purpose is not to arrive at a “correct” answer but to articulate well-reasoned, evidence based arguments that apply specific International Marketing concepts covered in the course modules
Response minimum: 100 words
Response maximum: 150 words
Two post minimum (statements and/or replies to others’ statements)

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