How will this trend/event impact our field?

Our expectations are that you will provide a synopsis of an article you have found describing a trend in the field, then answer the following question prompts (half of the paper) and give your critical opinion of the trend after describing the trend. Note: You must provide a link to the article you are using for this assignment.
1. What will this trend/event impact our field?
2. Where will this trend/event impact our field?
3. Why will this trend/event impact our field?
4. When will this trend/event impact our field?
5. How will this trend/event impact our field?
First of all, this is an article about criticism. The central idea is to explore the level of critical thinking. First of all, please briefly introduce the positive impact of Super Bowl on the travel industry. It only needs a brief introduction. All the rest focus on the criticism!! Please answer these five questions. And the point of my criticism is football betting. From the story of football betting to the final criticism, it is necessary to explore the influence of football betting on many people at a higher level. Please remember that the focus is on answering questions and criticizing football betting, not one-sided explanations. As well as the picture below, there are hints for scoring points, please complete the essay according to the points in the picture!!!

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