How would adding a component of Feng Shui thinking to your designs change your work?

Write a 500-word essay in response to the following:
On page 39 of her book, Total Design Clodagh says:
The Chinese practice of Feng Shui has long studied the relationship between energy and people and their spaces. It is an essential element of my designs, as it helps me determine how to place objects so that the space beckons for reasons that are not immediately understood.
Do you see value in incorporating non-Western belief systems such as Feng Shui into your own theory and practice of design? For purposes of expanding this brief glimpse of Feng Shui, imagine a work of yours that might incorporate aspects of Feng Shui in its design. How would adding a component of Feng Shui thinking to your designs change your work?
To ensure a thorough exploration of Feng Shui, cite at least three sources in your essay. Cite each of your sources in APA format.

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