how would you feel that the person who may have beat you in a competition had a advantage by doping?

Try responding to your classmates using the strategies you practiced in week 4 (responding as a skeptic, reflector, validator, or extender).
Ask them questions about the problem they are going to explore.
Ask them about key concerns, target audience, or the kind of sources they might use.
Provide respectful feedback about the persuasive tactics in their posts.
Extend the conversation, exploring topics in creative and constructive ways.
Good evening everyone,
Technology is prominent today, with so much you can do with a tip of a finger. Whether it is the device in our pockets or the smartwatch on our wrist comes a lack of confidentiality. The problem today I would like to discuss in my final project what some of you guys might know is the lack of privacy within our modern age. Privacy is not a new topic or issue, but it’s a problem with new technology constantly being released. The most common problem with the lack of privacy is identity theft. Who it affects is anyone with their hands-on technology. It is a trend that does not seem to halt even for the most secure pieces of equipment, but I’d think people should pay close attention to this. The lack of security costs each individual and many businesses millions of dollars every year to protect themself from identity theft and security breach. According to Proofpoint, a cybersecurity company that works with big corporations to protect their assets, thirty-three percent of U.S. respondents experienced identity theft in 2019. A considerable number of reports display the lack of security within our modern age (Proofpoint). The reasoning behind the constant increase of damage reports is the continuous change of our technology. This problem needs to be addressed because nobody is secure from modern-day machinery’s threats. Though many people in the world have not experienced any scam, malware, or identity theft on their computers or phone, it is bound to happen eventually. Technology will always change, and people should be vigilant and warier about their privacy.
– Charles M. Bungay
Hello classmates,
The problem that I would like to discuss in my final paper is doping in the sport industry around the world and why athletes decide to do it.
Problem: Athletes doping in competitive sports
Who: Professional Athletes
What: Doping in competitive sports
Where: Around the world
When: From the beginning of when doping first occurred till the present.
Why: Gaining unfair advantage to athletes and destroying the pride of competitive sports.
For those who have been involved in competitive sports how would you feel that the person who may have beat you in a competition had a advantage by doping? Me personally I would be enraged knowing that an individual cheating his way to success. Now I know that If such individual was discovered for doping that the win would be stripped away but it would still hurt knowing that all your hard work and sacrifices were cut short by someone who had a major advantage to win. This is why I believe that doping in competitive sports is growing to be a huge issue for most sports. Doping can be traced from not only individual sports but also team sports around the world. These athletes choosing the go the easy route for success not only shows the type of individual that they are but it is also destroying the pride of the sport. In my final I would like to explore when the first case of doping was discover but why athletes decide to dope in competition and the effects it can have on not only the athlete but the sport as well.

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