how you think you might go about arguing that it is a problem

The Research Paper Proposal
Write a 1 page double-spaced Research Paper Proposal which gives an informal explanation of your chosen topic and your focus for the paper. Your task for the proposal will be for you to explain to me in a clear, straightforward, organized fashion: 1) which problem you have chosen, 2) why it interests you, 3) why you consider it a problem, 4) how you think you might go about arguing that it is a problem (potentially including why it is important, to you or to others), 5) how you are going to narrow your topic, and 6) any challenges you see in approaching the problem, if any (i.e. is the topic too recent to find a lot of good information for it or is it too complex to easily narrow). The proposal is informal, so it does not need to be structured like an essay and it may use informal language. However, it will still need to be organized in a fashion that leads your reader through the progression of your thoughts, it will need to be clear, coherent, and detailed, and it will need to answer all of the questions (please do not include the numbers of the questions in your response, however).
Expectations: The Proposal should:
Clearly state the general topic and at least one possible particular focus (a narrowed main topic) for the paper.
Answer all of the questions in the prompt.
Have a coherent, sensible flow of ideas.
Have clear, straightforward, precise prose (the paper may be informal, but should be edited for sentence-level errors and awkward sentences).
Length: Your proposal should be 1 pages double-spaced.
Formatting: Your essay should be in MLA format.
Typed, double-spaced, in Times New Roman 12 point font, with 1-inch margins on all sides. No extra spaces between paragraphs.
Includes a heading on the first page on the top left including your name, my name, the class title, and the date. This is also double-spaced.
Includes a header on the top right with your last name and page numbers.
Under the heading and before the proposal begins, includes a title, centered, in regular font.
Includes parenthetical citations after material from a source.
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