How your PSA uses Cialdini to good social engineer your audience into doing the correct behavior in the face of them being bad social engineered by Bad People.

Only the Storyboard is due now.
Nearly everyone has seen a PSA ( is a decent overview of the genre). Here are some examples if you haven’t:
Internet Danger- Everyone Knows Sarah
Seat belt PSA (Ad Council) – Early ’70s
Keep America Beautiful Commercial “Iron Eyes” Cody
Close to Home – It Can Wait – AT&T
State Farm Commercial – “Following”
NOTE: These are provided to help you get the idea of what goes into a PSA. Please forgive any broken links (YouTube links can go bad overnight)
Your job is to create a short (which is no longer than two minutes) PSA, about social engineering. It can be any aspect of social engineering and targeted toward any audience – just make sure you explain your audience in your 500 word companion paper. Your goal is to use every aspect of what you’ve learned about influence (ala Cialdini’s six principles) to convince folks that they need to care about your topic and maybe even do something as a result of watching your PSA. We’ll be frank: you will be actively manipulating your viewers’ emotions, but you’re doing it to help them. This class is all about emotional manipulation. Bad folks use it to do bad things. Good folks use it to do good things. Videos will be presented during module 12.
You will also be providing an accompanying short (at least 500 words, which is about 2 pages) paper on how your PSA accomplishes its tasks and how it illustrates Cialdini’s six principles – how your PSA uses Cialdini to good social engineer your audience into doing the correct behavior in the face of them being bad social engineered by Bad People. Your video is not a tutorial about Cialdini’s principles – your video is to warn others about social engineering. Use those principles in your video and then describe how you did it in your paper accompanying your video.
There will be a peer feedback discussion board provided during the course if you want to bounce ideas off each other.
Since this is a class project don’t worry about copyright concerns – there is a Fair Use provision for that. (Yes, it’s okay to use Sarah McLachlan 😉
You can use any tool to create the video. Here are some other tools you can use (not an exhaustive list):
Windows 10 Photos
The first milestone (due at the end of Module 9) is to submit a storyboard of your video. A storyboard contains pictures showing how your video will flow. If you’re not sure what one looks like, look it up. WikiHow is also a good reference. Note that a storyboard is not the same as an outline. You need to describe each scene in your video.
Here is a good storyboard resource: Storyboard Resources – Digital Storytelling (
What you submit at the end of the term
Short (no longer than two minutes) PSA video, that uses as many of the six principles of influence as possible to make people care about the aspect of social engineering you have chosen to highlight
Short (at least 500 words) paper explaining how your video uses the six principles of influence.
Please ask questions – your professor hasn’t mastered telepathic communication yet. Produce something you aren’t embarrassed to show your friends/family/coworkers 🙂

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