Identify a behavior that is frequently seen on the show, so that its easier for you to collect ample data.

Data Collection-10 points
1. Pick a show/movie/TV/politician/leader/news person/speaker (e.g., TED talk) and identify target person and a target behavior. The target behavior should be appropriate for all and make sure your partner has easy (at no additional cost) access to it. If you doubt the behavior’s appropriateness, then stay away from that behavior! I would recommend picking video clips/segments without any commercials.
a. Identify a behavior that is frequently seen on the show, so that its easier for you to collect ample data.
b. It doesn’t have to be a “problem” behavior, it can be any observable behavior.
c. You may use a long video clip and want to break it down into five sessions. Or, you may find five different episodes (same actor/character, same behavior) and code first 10 minutes from each.
d. You may pick a behavior and observe it across multiple people in the show.
e. Following target behaviors are NOT allowed. Failure to adhere to this instruction will result in zero credit for part A of this assignment:
i. looking/staring/talking to camera (The Office); singing, drink consumption, smoking, saber use from any “Star Wars” movies, any filler pauses (um, uh), phone use, saying any type of catch phrase/name, hair-touching, or eating.
2. Create an operational definition for the behavior: objective, observable, and measurable.
a. Make sure to define in a way that another person observing this person would know exactly when the behavior occurs and does not occur. Include examples and non-examples.
b. Everyone perceives behavior differently. If your definition is vague or unclear, the observer will likely need to use his or her own judgement when scoring the behavior which may lead to low interobserver agreement.
3. Next, identify a measurement system that best captures that behavior.
a. Don’t use frequency system by default. Decide the measurement system based on the dimension of behavior.
b. Each observation session should be minimum 7 minutes.
c. Include 5 observation sessions.
4. Make sure to keep a note of the precise beginning and ending time of the video segment for each observation.
Scoring Guide:
Criterion Point value
Definition is clear, objective, observable, and measurable. Examples and non-examples are included. 5
Measurement system is described well, matches the dimension of the behavior, and data are reported appropriately. Minimum of five observation sessions and each session is 7 minutes minimum. Do not include video time stamps. 5
Part B
Data Display-24 points
1. This assignment continues from part A and should also be done independently.
2. To have decent amount of data to detect behavior change and for IOA opportunities, behavior must occur for at least 50% of time/intervals in each session, or with frequency above 15, across all sessions or on average. 10 points will be deducted if you do not have data set as per this parameter.
3. Create an ABAB graph using the data collected from part A (which will serve as baseline) and hypothetical data for next 3 phases. You must provide enough hypothetical data to illustrate a functional relationship between the behavior and intervention. This often means at least 5 data points per condition (you can add hypothetical data to baseline if you do not have stable data).
4. Make sure to refer to the graphing guidelines and all other graphing resources provided related to graphs.
5. Place an asterisk (*) symbol should be placed above all baseline sessions of the graph that have been scored for IOA.
6. Make APA style table (Excel worksheet copy paste is not acceptable). Do not present raw tally mark data.
a. Report average and range for each phase. Range is listed as the lowest and highest value. E.g., 15-35 instances of throwing. Do not subtract the two values.
Scoring Guide:
Criterion Point value
Session data are presented in an APA format table, along with range and average 3
An asterisk (*) symbol is placed above all sessions of the graph that have been scored for IOA
Axes are labeled correctly 2
Phase lines are present. 1
No extra gaps between data points across phases 2
Phases are labeled specific to treatment (e.g., Baseline, DRO) 1
Data lines are in black color 1
The data points should be black and same shape across all phases. 1
Client name is present in the lower right corner of the graph. 1
All labels are same font and size (10 font size) .5
All four phases are included 4
All grid lines are removed graph. .5
Functional relationship is demonstrated 5
Graph has a title (activity/show/setting) 1
Please note that IOA marker should not be used in clinical documents or for graphs in other classes. This requirement is specific to this assignment.

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