Identify and use scientific literature to interpret and solve scientific problems.

CHM 110 Chemistry Connections Assignment 2
This assignment addresses the following learning outcomes of the Mund-Lagowski Department
of Chemistry and Biochemistry:
– Identify and use scientific literature to interpret and solve scientific problems.
– Effectively communicate science to diverse audiences.
Part 1 – due 11:59 pm Sunday, February 13 by upload to Canvas Assignments
Section 4.1 briefly touches on the fact that rising concentrations of carbon dioxide in Earth’s
atmosphere are producing changes in Earth’s climate. There is also an important problem of
ocean acidification that arises from increasing levels of carbon dioxide. The good news is that
there are scientists and engineers working on the problems. Spend 15-30 minutes searching the
internet to find a recent (past 3 years) open-access (the article should not be behind a paywall)
news article that reports a chemistry-related scientific discovery or development related to using
chemistry to combat the rise of carbon dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere or to combat its effects
(examples include climate change, ocean acidification, increase in natural disasters such as
wildfires and hurricanes).
NOTE: We are not looking for articles pointing out the problems of rising carbon dioxide.
Instead, you should find an article that discusses research looking for a solution.
Suggested websites to find sources include (but are not limited to):
Note: Articles from websites such as Wikipedia or Encyclopedia Britannica are not appropriate
Write one paragraph (approximately 200-400 words) that in your own words:
1. Describes the scientific discovery/development (avoid quotes).
2. Describes why this is a discovery relevant to combating the rise of CO2.
3. Briefly discusses how this discovery is or might one day be relevant to your life.
4. Briefly discusses why it is important to learn about this discovery/topic in CHM 110.
5. Includes the full URL for the article.
Save the paragraph as a pdf file and upload in the Canvas assignment.
Part 2 – to be completed in class on Monday, February 14.
Pair up with a classmate and spend 5-10 minutes describing the articles you found to one
In the same Canvas Assignment, use the Comment Box to type in 1-3 sentences describing
your classmate’s article. Make sure to include your classmate’s first and last name.
CHM 110 Group Activity 2 Spring 2022
2 pt – Scientific discovery is described
2 pt – Describes why this is a chemically relevant discovery
2 pt – Relevance to your life is described
1 pt – Importance of learning about this topic in CHM 110 is discussed
1 pt – URL is provided and links to an open access article that does not require a subscription
2 pt – Description of a classmate’s article submitted
Total: 10 points
NOTE: Any student who submits plagiarized language will be assigned a grade of zero for the
first four categories listed.
Assignments submitted after the deadline will be assessed a 10% late penalty per day.

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