Identify at least one government policy that is designed to address this type of inequality

I attached the writing prompt and requirements file under TrinhPham_SOC150_IL2. Write a 3 page, minimum of 750 words summary on the topic of residential segregation and housing crisis in King County, Washington. Use a minimum of five sources; cite and reference all of the sources (including websites) using APA styles (I’ve attached the APA style pdf below). I’ve also attached the Wilkinson and Wrights pdfs to use as course materials which talks about inequality and fairness.
In your report, you should provide an overview and some historical context on the issue. How long has this been a problem in King County? Are things getting better or worse?
You should also provide statistics that describe who is primarily impacted by this type of inequality (e.g. age, race, gender, etc…) as well as statistics that indicate the severity of this problem in our community.
Why is this issue important? Think back to our readings from Week 1 and explore both moral and practical reasons why we should care about this issue.
What is being done? Explore what is being done by our local government to address this type of inequality. Identify at least one government policy (see definition below) that is designed to address this type of inequality. When was this policy implemented? What was it designed to do? Does it seem effective? What makes you say so?
Public Policy: a system of laws, regulatory measures, courses of action, and funding priorities concerning a given topic promulgated by a governmental entity or its representatives.
Identify at least one community organizations (they must be in King County) and explore what they are doing to reduce this type of inequality. Some questions to consider are: What is their mission? What are their primary activities? What population do they serve? How can we get involved? Do they seem to be effective? What makes you say so? Where do these organizations get their funding? Are they non-profit?
You should use a minimum of five sources (websites, newspaper articles, etc…). At least one of your sources must be from course materials (article, textbook, PPT, etc…). You may find the King County government website a useful resource for most of the above topics.
Be sure to cite and reference all of your sources (including websites) using APA style. Read the Style Guidelines (in the Course Resources Module) for details on how to do this.
Paraphrase material taken from your sources, rather than copying and pasting directly into your paper. It’s essential that you use quotation marks around all material that is directly quoted).

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