identify each of your chosen songs by name, performer, and year in your essay.

Take-home Essay (30 points, 3-5 good, information-rich paragraphs; around 300-600 words in total)
Discuss at least three songs from our syllabus listening list that you feel reflect one or more notable social, historical, and/or stylistic transitions in the history of rock music that we have covered so far (to ca. mid-1960s). In your essay, describe how your chosen songs reflect these transitions. Be sure to describe specific aspects of each song, its performer(s), and/or the conditions of its production that reflect larger historical, social, and cultural contexts we have discussed in our course.
A good essay will:
choose a set of songs that represent a wide range of dates (aim to include songs from at least two decades)
demonstrate an understanding of the specific song and its performer(s)
demonstrate an understanding of broader trajectories in the history and culture of rock/popular music
Be sure to identify each of your chosen songs by name, performer, and year in your essay.
Important considerations for your essay:
Because this is a take-home essay, your response should reflect the fact that you have taken time to organize your thoughts.
Please use only your own words in your essay. Do not copy-and-paste from course materials or otherwise directly copy from the textbook or other sites.
This essay is open-book and open-note, but it is not a “research” assignment. Do not use external sources to help you write your essay. Doing so makes your essay confusing for us to grade. Please provide an answer that draws on what you’ve learned in this course.
Select from this list:
Robert Johnson/”Cross Road Blues”
Bessie Smith/”St. Louis Blues”
John Lee Hooker/”Boogie Chillen'”
Muddy Waters “Hoochie Coochie Man”
Hank Williams/”I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry”
Little Richard/”Long Tall Sally”
Chuck Berry/”Maybellene”
Carl Perkins/ Blue Suede Shoes
Elvis/”That’s All Right”
Buddy Holly/”That’ll Be the Day”
Bill Haley/“Shake, Rattle, & Roll”
Roy Orbison/ “Only the Lonely”
Shirelles/”Will You Love Me Tomorrow”
Ronettes/”Be My Baby”
The Beach Boys/ “I Get Around”
Bob Dylan/”Masters of War”
Bob Dylan ”Like a Rolling Stone
The Byrds/”Turn, Turn, Turn”
Beatles/”A Hard Day’s Night”
Beatles/”Tomorrow Never Knows”
Beatles/”Day in the Life”
Rolling Stones/”Satisfaction”
Rolling Stones/”Sympathy for the Devil”
The Who/”I Can See for Miles”

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