Identify policies surrounding this health care concern.

This needs to be an outline only. No fancy graphics needed. Only 5-7 bullet points per slide addressing each question within the section. Title each slide with section.
Health Care Policy Problem
Identify/define the healthcare policy issue/concern.
Identify policies surrounding this health care concern.
Have current policies adequately addressed the health care issue?
What still needs to happen?
Significance to Nursing/Patient Care
How does this health care policy issue threaten patient safety, quality care, and/or access to providers?
Are social determinants of health identified in this health care concern?
Synthesis of Literature: Three Themes
What are repeating themes from your analysis of the current literature on health policy? Name three.
What would strengthen or weaken the policy? (That is, is there a better approach/model for this health care policy issue that is working, perhaps from another state or another country?)
Who are the stakeholders?
Topic Relation to the IOM’s Future of Nursing Report and the ACA
How can nurses influence and manage change (such as education, advocacy, and leadership)?
What has been the federal, state, and/or local response to this health care issue (innovations and interventions)?
Paraphrase the main points.
Recommend a course of action.
Challenge your peers to seek models that work (such as in other states, countries).

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