Identify the timeline for implementation of the learning activities

Course Learning Objectives:
4. Measure the quality of nursing care.
5. Analyze factors that lead to errors.
7. Estimate the impact of changes in agency and health policy on outcomes.
The purpose of this assignment is to create an ideal nursing orientation program.
Answer the following questions:
o Reflect on different types of education methods used to orient new nurses
o Based on the readings, create a proposal for a new nurse orientation program. Include
different educational strategies.
▪ Identify the timeline for implementation of the learning activities
▪ Discuss what content should be covered
▪ Identify the length of the orientation program
o Include at least one (1) current scholarly resource from the literature to support your
o Follow APA 7th edition style guidelines for in-text citations and reference list
*You will also need to include an APA reference list at the bottom of your post to the extent
possible in Bb DB format (i.e. no indenting or double spacing). *

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