Identify two alternatives for policy or systems-level solutions.

Student must identify a health care problem that impacts a particular population of people. In public health, we frequently take a population-based approach so you are asked to identify a specific population that confronts a barriers to healthcare access, quality, or value will form the basis for the infographic, policy analysis brief, and powerpoint presentation. The topics are broad so the concept paper will need to (1) define the population affected and the specific healthcare problem, (2) describe the policy context, and (3) identify two alternatives for policy or systems-level solutions. Please also indicate the target audience for the policy brief under development. This concept paper will be between 1-2 pages and will need to include at least 6 citations from reputable sources (e.g., peer-reviewed journals).
The health policy brief that you will write over the course of this semester will need to be succinct and targeted to a particular audience/organization (e.g., gov’t officials, Congress, state office/division, NGO, international org, development practitioners, donors, industry, public). It is geared to readers with limited time to make a practical decision. A policy brief should emphasize the issue and practical, policy-oriented recommendations that are grounded in the literature. The concept paper is an opportunity for you to scope out the topic of this policy brief and potential policy alternatives to receive feedback from our instructional team. You can find a number of resources to familiarize yourself with the health policy topics provided below in the following resource guide, HealthPolicyPublicHealthResources_FINAL.docx
Paper Topic: You may choose any health policy/health systems topic among three topical areas provided. Make sure to keep your topic focused as much as possible. Otherwise the literature will feel overwhelming.
Topics available in Fall 2021 include:
Access to mental healthcare amidst COVID-19.
Redress to inequities in maternal health mortality within the United States
Lack of insurance coverage, administrative inefficiencies, and/or underperforming primary care in the United States healthcare system.
Length: All assignment should be doubled spaced, 1-inch margins, 11-12pt font (not including references/abstract). The concept paper is to be no longer than 2 pages in length.
Audience: Address the brief to a particular audience (see above). As you write the brief, think about your audience: Why does the issue matter for the entity/organization that you are advising?
Content: In particular, consider an issue that pertains to access, quality, or cost. The health care problem will form the basis for the policy brief, infographic and related powerpoint presentation. Please indicate at the top of the assignment (1) Your Name, (2) Course, (3) Target Audience, and (4) Proposed Title for the policy brief. This text of the concept paper should: (1) define the affected population and the healthcare problem they confront, (2) describe the policy context for this specific problem, and (3) identify two policy alternatives. This concept paper will be between 1-2 pages and provide at least 6 citations from reputable sources (e.g., peer reviewed journals). This should be between 2-3 pages, double-spaced.

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