identify which identify status the person is in and why.

NOTE TO WRITER: You will notice the first two paragraphs are instructions for Discussion Questions. We go by last names, so you will begin with chapter 12. Please use a separate page to begin chapter 11 discussion. Discussions have to be answered using the material from each chapter.
Text book: Exploring Lifespan Development
ISBN: 978-0-13-521268-4
Authors: Laura E. Berk
Edition: 4th
Chapter 11: Physical and Cognitive Development in Adolescences
Chapter 12: Physical and Cognitive Development in Adolescences
Discussion Question for Chapter 11: Explain imaginary audience and personal fable in Piaget’s last stage in cognitive development during adolescence. Then, explain how these contribute to high risk behavior in adolescence. Do not forget to use an in-text citation. Provide Examples
Discussion Question for Chapter 12: Describe the four identity statuses that researchers use to evaluate progress in identity development. Do not forget to use an in-text citation. Then, for the following scenarios, identify which identify status the person is in and why.
Scenario #1: Jacob’s father, grandfather, and two of his uncles are all police officers. Since he was in middle school, Jacob has planned to become a police officer, too. During his first semester of college, Jacob declared criminal justice as his major.
Scenario #2: Janeesa spent her senior year of high school exploring career options within the field of education. She attended career fairs and shadowed a social worker, a school principal, a special education teacher, and a speech and language pathologist. During her second year in college, Janeesa declared her major in special education.
Scenario #3: Alyssa is about to finish high school. She plans to attend college, but she has not decided what she wants to do with her life. She has considered medicine, law, and social work. Alyssa has volunteered at a nursing home and currently works part-time as a secretary for a small law firm. She plans to spend her first year or two of college exploring her options before settling on a major.
Scenario #4: Ashton is a junior in high school and seems uninterested in college or trade school. He has worked several part-time jobs but quit each within a few weeks. When asked what he wants to do with his life, Ashton usually says, “It really doesn’t matter to me what I do. I’m not in any hurry to go to college or start a career. There’s plenty of time for that later.”

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