If you are the owner/CEO/general manager of the business, how would you use the information to help you improve your business.

Individual Assignment #1
Data, Information, Business Processes, and Discussions
In our first class meeting, we learned the difference between data and information. We also
learned about business processes, which are critical for the operation of any
organization/business. You are going to complete the following tasks for the first individual
Business Processes
Business processes can be identified everywhere, from ordering a sandwich at a local café to
booking a flight on the website of an airline. There are too many examples I can list.
Task 1:
• Your first task is to identify a business process that you experienced before. For
example, booking a hotel, checking in a flight, ordering a drink on a mobile phone,
reserving a table at a restaurant, etc.
• List the detailed steps about how the business process is performed to provide products
or services.
Data and Information
Task 2:
• An information system can help a company to execute business processes and collect
• Once you identify a business process that you are familiar with,
o explain how an information system can help execute the business process.
o give examples about what data you can capture through an information system
and how you can turn them into useful information.
• If you are the owner/CEO/general manager of the business, how would you use the
information to help you improve your business.
Discussion Topics
Task 3:
• The vice president of accounting says to you, the IT director, “This request procedure
takes too long. My people know what they are doing, and their systems requests are
necessary and important.” She suggests that the IT department bypass the initial steps
and immediately get to work on her requests. What would you say to her?
Task 4:
• What are the three legs of project triangle? Discuss how they affect the project

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