If you had to choose between Choose My Plate and the diet plan you wrote about, which would you choose and why?

Please note that discussion initial posts and discussion participation have different due dates. The initial posts are due earlier, so the class has enough time to review and comment on the posts. This is to ensure that you are fully engaged in discussions, as you would be in a live classroom. Please find the due dates for discussion initial posts and discussion participation in the Course Summary section of the Syllabus.
Please review the instruction for the nutrition activity.
Navigate to the Choose My Plate websiteLinks to an external site.. Scroll to the bottom of the page to click on “MyPlate Tip Sheets” under “Popular Topics.” Find the “MyPlate, MyWins Mini Poster.” Here is the direct link to the MyPlate, MyWins Mini PosterLinks to an external site. (opens in a new window).
Please click the Reply button below to submit your initial post, and then participate in the discussion. You can also find the discussion forum by clicking the Discussions link in Course Navigation.
Part 1: Initial PostWrite a post in the discussion forum answering the following 3 parts (5 points each):
Compare your overall diet to that provided in the USDA’s Choose My Plate guidelines. How is your diet similar? How is it different? What changes do you think you should make to your diet after reading the USDA guidelines, if any, and why?
Research one popular current diet/nutrition plan. Example include: The Paleo Diet, Atkins Diet, Zone Diet, Gluten-Free Diet, Whole 30, 21 Day Fix, etc. There are many to choose from! Briefly describe the diet: the purpose, the main foods it allows or omits, and whether or not you believe this nutrition plan is effective at meeting its goals. Finally, discuss whether there is any scientific evidence supporting this plan (references required).
How is this popular diet different from Choose My Plate? How is it similar? If you had to choose between Choose My Plate and the diet plan you wrote about, which would you choose and why?

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