If you were this leader’s supervisor, how would you address their leadership issues?

Copy and paste your responsed in the Assignment Shell using “Write a Submission”. I suggest writing your test in MS Word and then pasting to the course shell. Answer the four questions below. Each answer MUST be at least 350 words OF CONTENT and must contain at least two references (one of which can be the text book, one of which must be an outside source). Your responses should contain citations in accordance with APA 6th Edition. Include a single reference section at the bottom of the paper with your references for all four questions. ANY ANSWER LESS THAN 300 WORDS LONG OR WITHOUT REFERENCES WILL NOT BE GRADED.
You are assigned to interview line level personnel for consideration for a supervisory position. Explain in detail what you are looking for in the ideal candidate form promotion from within the organization.
What is the difference between “leadership” and “management”? Describe in detail.
How does the concept of “thinking like a manager” prepare one to be a good leader?
Think of a poor leader you have known, experienced, or read about. Explain why they were a poor leader. If you were this leader’s supervisor, how would you address their leadership issues?

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