In order to develop a relationship and a team atmosphere, do you believe that mangers should be interacting/socialising with staff outside of work? From

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Leadership can be defined as “a process of social influence, which maximises the efforts of others, towards the achievement of a goal” (Kruse, 2013). This process is present in may walks of life, with many business environments having a hierarchal structure, therefore leadership to be demonstrated through management roles and team leaders.
When leadership and team management is utilised effectively, then this provides a much more productive business environment, an improved atmosphere and morale. In contemporary business environments, providing a mindset for team working is much more in demand.
A “Team” can be described as two or more people who are psychologically contracted to one another, working to achieve common goals (Kozlowski and Llgen, 2006). In order to manage a team, leaders need to possess certain skills, to maximise team performance.
One particular skill that proves useful when managing a team and being a ‘leader’, is “emotional intelligence”. This is whereby a leader is able to control and understand both their own emotions, as well as the emotions of those around them. This makes for a much more empathetic approach to management, and will result in team members being much more comfortable in approaching their ‘leader’ for advice and support. A comfortable environment means that the team are more likely to be able to work collaboratively and become more productive overall (Young Entrepreneur Council, 2018).
As a manager, developing your personal emotional intelligence is therefore very important and beneficial. One way to do so, would be to communicate more effectively, – another skill – tailoring your approach to each team member based upon their personality type, will result in a more positive reaction to whatever the instruction is (Stobierski, 2020). Being assertive when communicating, whilst not coming across as rude or aggressive is the best way to maintain a level of respect, whilst continuing to nurture a positive relationship.
In order to develop a relationship and a team atmosphere, do you believe that mangers should be interacting/socialising with staff outside of work? From a general perspective, is this a good thing, or does it impact the overall work-life balance in a negative way?
Kozlowski, S.W.J. and Llegen, D.R. (2006). Enhancing the Effectiveness of Work Groups and Teams. Psychological Science in the Public Interest.
Kruse, K. (2013). What is Leadership? Available at: [Accessed: 09/02/2022].
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You have to do
Note: you have to Provide support for your arguments using theory, literary sources and applied organisational examples.
– very important to use Harvards references. maximum 2 or 3.
– please the maximum words count 330 – from 200 till 300 don’t reach more than 330
– Make use of a range of reliable academic sources to support your posts, clearly referenced using Harvard Referencing. Sources of wider reading /research can also be shared with your peers.
please make good use of the e-library and/or Google Scholar and Google Books, in identifying academically credible sources to assist in your assessed work. We ask students to avoid potentially unreliable, non peer-reviewed sources, such as internet blogs, Wikipedia, essay repository sites.
– Please ensure that you provide the URL and accessed date for all sources which you have viewed online.
Here some links you may find helpful
When conducting your research into topics around leadership and management, it is good to take a look at best practice sites such as that for the Chartered Management Institute (CMI). You will find lots of interesting and potentially helpful information there, for example.
Bailey, K. Shantz A. (2018) CMI – How to be a better leader according to science.
Available online at [accessed 10th February 2022]
CMI (2011) Leading from the Middle Checklist 041.
Available online at: [accessed 10th February 2022]
Benson, T (2017) CMI – How to build an effective team: Focus on just 3 things.
Available online at: [accessed 10th February 2022]
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