In your Opinion, Do you think Texas serves all of its people well?

The essay is due at midnight tonight so I need this to be done around 11:00. Here is the prompt:
In your Opinion, Do you think Texas serves all of its people well? I want you to discuss, in as general or specific a way as you like, this question. Use examples from the book, lectures or your own experience to support your argument. Consider what is meant by “all of its people” and don’t just tell me how wonderful the state is. Be critical, think deeply and consider how Texas could do better. You may want to think about how the institutions of government function in Texas and whether this is equitable for all. Or, you may look at the disparities among parts of the state, among groups in the state, etc. and go from there. Remember there is no wrong answer- your opinion is your opinion. What I am looking for is a well-constructed, thoughtful, and well-supported argument about what you think. Consider all of these things in your writing.
Essays are to be word processed; a minimum of 750 words; single spaced with the standard default 12 pt. font (Word’s default font is Times New Roman) and normal margins, etc.

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