Include any other relevant information that you think is important to explain to the shareholders regarding how you run your company.

Instructions: I am using the software CAPSIM Foundation, a simulation of a company for this capstone course. The company manufactures and sells electronic sensors (for cars, elevators, phones, etc.) I am to do a shareholder letter for my company’s shareholders (Andrews is the company name) This letter to the shareholders should include at a MINIMUM the following:
Information on your company and top managers / leaders (e.g. background on you as a leader of the company)
Your company’s mission and intended strategy
Future objectives and performance targets, and action plans for achieving those targets (including the desired percentage weights for each of the 8 performance measures, even though they won’t be changed until later in the simulation) — The 8 metrics in CAPSIM are: Cumulative Profits, Market Share Average, ROS Average, Asset Turnover Average, ROA Average, ROE Average, Ending Stock Price, Ending Market Cap
Include any other relevant information that you think is important to explain to the shareholders regarding how you run your company. In other words, search online for the shareholder letters of companies that you are interested in, and that are publicly traded on a stock market (e.g. Coke (Links to an external site.), Pepsi (Links to an external site.), Intel (Links to an external site.), Tesla (Links to an external site.), United Airlines (Links to an external site.), Amazon (Links to an external site.)). — Note: You tend to find the shareholder letter within the Annual Reports of companies.
The letter should be dated, addressed to the shareholders, and formatted similar to a shareholder letter. Read the letters of existing organizations to provide a format for your letter (length, contents, etc.).
My company name is Andrews. Will add 4 photos, first two are of round one Use the statistics of Andrews.
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Discipline: Capstone class for Business (Strategy)

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