Is the social media robust, is it maintained year-round with up to date information?

INSTRUCTIONS: Hi there! I just confirmed with my classmates that this should be a website for a specific event…
Here are some websites you can use one of them for this assignment:
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PREVIOUS PAPER INSTRUCTIONS (#451588418): Instructions:
In today’s world, there are many platforms to market/communicate/promote a festival/event/conferences/internal meeting/trade show. So how effective are they?
Your task is to find a single website for any of these kinds of events ( *in Canada* ) that is upcoming and has tickets available:
festival i.e. music, writers
event i.e. maybe an all star sporting game, culinary, music
internal meeting
trade show
Written Report – 15%
Make sure you have included responses to all the points listed below in your hard copy report (15%)
Screen shot of the home page of the website you are analyzing. (5 points)
A review of all avenues of promotion and communication, whether web-based, in print, social media platforms, interactive. Add pertinent screen shots to your report and presentation. Is the social media robust, is it maintained year-round with up to date information? How engaging is the communication? Do they have lots of followers on their chosen platforms? (25 points)
Describe who the target market is for each avenue of promotion, communication and messaging (many of the avenues could cover different demographics). (25 points)
Critique and analyze the success of the event’s website and its success based on the tools learned in class. Give well thought reasoning as to why the website works or doesn’t work. There may be sections of the site that engage better than other parts. Why? (25 points)
Describe any changes you would make (add/delete/adjust) to the avenues used. (20 points)
Remember, you are reviewing the event’s website as it relates to communication, not the event itself.

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