Narrate personal experience with engaging detail and clear contexts.

U1b essay Assignment >>> Examine a personal experience through the lens of “Daedalus and Icarus.” You may identify with Icarus or Daedalus, or perhaps one of the minor characters, but your essay should draw parallels between your personal experience and at least two other characters and events in the myth. Your personal experience doesn’t have to fit every aspect of the myth such as the monster, the labyrinth, and Ariadne’s thread, but it should express the essence of the myth—namely, Daedalus’s inventive brilliance, the threat of capture or imprisonment, the looming threat of a monster, the courage of heroes, and the thrill (and danger) of flight. Quote from the myth at least three times.
Purpose ~~~ To practice metaphorical thinking and to show that ancient myths can illuminate modern life with insight and understanding.
Essay structure: After a three-part introductory paragraph (I’ll explain the three parts in class), tell the story of your experience, with particular attention to detail and context, emphasizing the situation, when, and where the experience happened. But don’t get carried away with the personal experience by just tagging your reflection onto the end of your narrative in a brief paragraph of meaning. The body of your essay should explain the meaning of the experience in terms of the wisdom provided by the Greek myth. Your purpose is insight and understanding, truth and wisdom.
Conclude your essay with a lesson learned, an insight about people or life, and a recommendation to your reader. Avoid preaching. Length: at least 3 full pages (no more than five).
Important skills to demonstrate:
> Draw ideas, wisdom, and insight from literature and apply them to an understanding of personal experience, showing how the lessons apply to other people as well.
> Analyze & interpret; don’t merely summarize plot.
> Interpret personal experience thematically and the myth metaphorically. Show that you can distinguish the literal story from its metaphorical implications. The better essays will not merely quote brief lines to make life-myth connections. They will also compare and contrast life and myth in specific, inquisitive ways.
> Narrate personal experience with engaging detail and clear contexts.
> Quote with signal phrases and without run-on sentences. Blend quotations with your own prose smoothly and clearly. Relate quotations to personal experience with insight.

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