Outline Burberry’s top 5 competitors and how they are positioned versus Burberry

Do not use any outside research whatsoever.
All research is contained within the case PDF. Please provide your own, original analysis.
Read the case study PDF: Burberry’s new challenges in order to complete this assignment. The Case Study is available at THIS LINK Download THIS LINKor under the FILES section under
Please answer the following (in a Case Study / written paper format):
Create a Porter’s Five Forces Analysis Diagram (this will be a diagram – see below & Week 2 Deck / Video)
This is not a design exercise, the boxes can be made in word, excel or a design program as you choose. Analysis is more important than an aesthetically appealing design.
Perform a strategic analysis of of Burberry’s as follows:
Please make your work far more thoughtful and in-depth than the discussion board
Market / Market Domain (The Where)
Describe Burberry’s market and position within their market
Outline Burberry’s top 5 competitors and how they are positioned versus Burberry
Value Creation (The Why)
Describe Burberry’s key offerings and how they are positioned in their market. Are they positioned to succeed or are they facing risk?
You are encouraged to look at their brand as well BUT remember a great brand is built upon great strategy, understanding of customers (re: segments) and the delivery of quality offerings.
Pay attention to key segments throughout your paper as how Burberry approaches segments is everything to their marketplace strategy
Activity Systems (The How)
Offer an overview of Burberry’s key activities (marketing, product development, channels (retail, digital), supply chain
Who are key stakeholders and partners for Burberry? (i.e. do they carry outside brands, private label, licensing arrangements, partnerships?)
What is Burberry’s retail strategy?
What is Burberry’s digital strategy?
Are there risk or problems you’ve observed in Burberry’s activity systems?
Provide proof (from the case) where relevant by looking at the exhibits attached
Risk & Dilemmas Analysis
Analyze the unique success factors of Burberry’s luxury business and explain how it contributes to the brand’s image.
Strategic dilemmas
How are external factors (changing competition, technology, buyer expectations) affecting Burberry’s ability to succeed?
Provide proof (from the case) where relevant by looking at the exhibits attached
How have internal decisions (choices Burberry has made) positioned them to compete and succeed? Have they done everything near perfect or have they left themselves open to problems ahead?
Should Burberry do anything differently as a result of your analysis?
How are digital media (ecommerce, marketing) social media and bloggers affecting Burberry’s communications & marketing strategy and how they deliver customer experience?
Burberry is dealing with a changing world where fast fashion and experiential luxury are on the rise while the relevance of fashion shows and department stores is in question? Analyze this situation exploring these four variables assessing their potential impact and importance to Burberry’s future.
MOST IMPORTANT: Given all the analysis you have done so far (strategic analysis, the external and internal, dilemmas) – what are FIVE recommendations you would make to Burberry’s senior leadership team making sure to “connect the dots” to how this solves SPECIFIC issues you have uncovered.
Be sure to look at your own analyses above and come with issues to tackle and detail how your ideas may make an impact.
Important notes:
Do not use any outside research whatsoever.
All research is contained within the case PDF. Please provide your own, original analysis.
Any use of outside research, discussion with anyone (including classmates) will result in a failing grade
Case studies are from the perspective of the information in the case. If you know in real life what Burberry ended up doing you cannot use this information. You are only to use information in the case to perform analysis or make recommendations.
References should be made to material taken from the case. (if you cite the case, mention the citation as you would any source that is not your own ideas).
Here is important information that WILL IMPACT YOUR GRADE throughout this course.
Covid-19 / Pandemic impacts on strategy
You will usually be asked to make a minimum 3 strategic recommendations in most assignments. The pandemic is NOT to be a core part of your strategic analysis UNTIL AFTER you have provided 3 examples that examine the business without regards to the pandemic.
IF you choose to make Covid a central point, it will need to be your 4th recommendation (3 recs need to be non-pandemic related)
The reason / the “Why”: While the pandemic has clearly had global impact, it is vital you learn to analyze businesses, markets and strategies without only looking at the pandemic alone. The pandemic is a somewhat rare event and we want to make sure we exercise other forms of situational and strategic analysis as well.
Grade impact: You will lose as much as a full grade level if your analyses all hinge on the pandemic alone.
Sustainability & influencer strategies are a given, mentioning them without research and market insights is the worst form of leadership… therefore they are NOT allowed unless specifically directed.
If you want to use them, ask in advance and let’s decide if there’s a strategic reason backing their use
If they are specifically requested then they will be relevant to your answers and encouraged
The reason / the “Why”: Students have tended to simply use influencers or sustainability as suggested business strategies with no research or data backing them. Analyzing the impacts of sustainability is encouraged IF you are willing to do the research to back it up.
If it matters to the business or to you then contact me in advance at lmonty@fidm.edu and let’s vet whether you are strategically applying sustainability.
Obligatory use of “sustainability” or “influencer” will result in points loss – as much as a grade level
Never use first person (I, me, myself) in class writings. They will result in immediate loss of a grade level
The reason / The “Why”: We are here to write as future leaders so let’s “level up” our discourse such that we communicate at the most senior level possible.
SPECIAL TIP: The answer is always…. always… always start with the consumer (namely customer segments) and creating value for them.
Value creation is always our goal
ALWAYS FOCUS ON SEGMENTS… become “customer obsessed”
Remember – demographics are not segments – we want to include everyone who shares the same drive and passion and demographics alone will rarely, if ever, capture those drivers. (see video for more commentary)

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