Please use all five graphs that I provided.You are asked to produce a summary o

Please use all five graphs that I provided.
You are asked to produce a summary of your results in a word document. The summary should include: a) figures and tables containing important results; b) short descriptions about what is being measured/shown in the table and figures; and c) a discussion of your findings, including a comparison of the results from the two countries and with expectations. You might check the lecture notes on indexes to see the discussion of China and the USA and what is expected. Linking your revealed comparative advantage and factor intensity index results to trade theory, is required. In terms of the trade intensities, in addition to any complementarity in products imported and exported, you should look to see if there are any agreements, shared borders or other factors that might explain the trading relations between your countries.
The figures and tables you chose to show depend on the findings you wish to highlight. Choose your tables and figures wisely and then discuss them. You should NOT show the same results (indexes) in multiple ways (i.e., multiple tables and figures), nor should your tables or figures contain so much data that they are hard to read. Instead you should decide which figure or table best captures what you are trying to show.
Please be sure to discuss and reference all the tables in your report. A table should not sit alone without text, otherwise it must not be necessary – if an index revealed nothing interesting to say and you are struggling to say something to the table, then don’t include it, just mention what or why it was uninteresting in the text.

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