Provide an overview of Erikson’s identity vs. role confusion and Marca’s four identity statuses.

Unit 6
This discussion is based on the assigned textbook reading from Lally & Valentine-French (2017) and unit presentations. Before contributing to the discussion, review the required reading and unit course activities. Initial posts are due prior to the end of day 4 and the discussions will conclude at 11:59pm (EST) 10:59pm (CST) on day 7.
Select ONE prompt from the list below for your initial response.
Please provide thorough and well-developed answers for your initial post. Be sure to support your postings with specific references to the assigned readings, as well as any other relevant scholarly research you find appropriate. Provide some examples from the required text and/or an external scholarly source. You may add information from your own experiences to complement the scholarly information presented. The best initial posts are a combination of personal experience with academic support.
You have been asked to participate in a community outreach program to educate a group of parents who have adolescent children. In your presentation you are to discuss physical milestones of adolescence and some of the common health problems of adolescence and how can they be prevented. Provide a synopsis of physical milestones of adolescence, common health problems and how they can be prevented. (USLO 6.1)
Adolescence is often when people identify or at least start to explore their sexuality. Under this umbrella are several concepts that are related yet distinct. Distinguish sex, gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation. How might this impact your work with adolescents in the clinical setting? (USLO 6.1, 6.6)
Does everyone reach Piaget’s formal operations stage? Why or why not? How can parents best support their children’s development during this time? (USLO 6.2, 6.3)
There are multiple factors that influence emotions and personality development in adolescence. Provide an overview of Erikson’s identity vs. role confusion and Marca’s four identity statuses. Is there an overlap or any contradicting information between the two theories? Explain what you observe. Which of Marcia’s statuses were you in when you graduated high school and why did you select that status? (USLO 6.3)
You are preparing an in-service for teenagers about the benefits of staying in school as part of your community health project. Prepare your educational speech and address, in plain language, what influences school performance, the benefits of continuing peer relationships by attending school, and risks associated with dropping out of school. (USLO 6.4, 6.7, 6.8)

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